Not just for looks. Critical components to keep you moving and in control, enhancing your driving experience. 

On-Road Performance

Developed to increase passenger comfort, decrease body roll and road noise; delivering a more relaxed driving experience in high wind and imperfect road conditions. Building on race-proven Bilstein/massive 2.65″ monotube technology with digressive valving providing an uncompromised ride experience.

2 - Year / 25,000 mile warranty

A suspension system that may outlast your van. Easily rebuildable and serviceable designs mean that you can maintain your system locally rather than replacing it or sending it away to be rebuilt.


Dual piston design means the system will instantly adapt to changing conditions (without the need for clicker or apps to optimize your ride). Tackle high speed interstates, steep and windy canyon roads, washboards, Baja whoops, and more in confidence and comfort.

Designed exclusively for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

906 Series 2500

907 Series 2500 4x4 and AWD

Evictus Suspension Advantage

Evictus and 4×4 Proyect have partnered to bring you the ultimate suspension system. This unique kit is engineered for maximum shock absorption; stabilizing your van in almost any driving condition imaginable.

Play the video to the right to hear from our engineer, Nico about what makes our kit stand apart from the rest.

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