Check out the Evictus Sprinter 2.65″ Pre – Runner Suspension System – a suspension system that may outlast your van.

Evictus Sprinter 2.65″ Pre – Runner Suspension System

On-Road Performance

Developed to increase passenger comfort, decrease body roll and road noise; delivering a more relaxed driving experience in high wind and imperfect road conditions. Building on race-proven Bilstein/massive 2.65″ monotube technology with digressive valving providing an uncompromised ride experience.

2 - Year / 25,000 mile warranty

A suspension system that may outlast your van. Easily rebuildable and serviceable designs mean that you can maintain your system locally rather than replacing it or sending it away to be rebuilt.


Dual piston design means the system will instantly adapt to changing conditions (without the need for clicker or apps to optimize your ride). Tackle high speed interstates, steep and windy canyon roads, washboards, Baja whoops, and more in confidence and comfort.


 Anti – cavitation valves for enhanced 8125 platform and the system is compatible with commonly available Bilstein seal kits for the rears. 

Increased oil volume and nitrogen pressures.

Designed to last the life of your Sprinter


Reduce driver fatigue and gain control in windy conditions! Our kit fits nearly all factory 2500 4×4 Sprinters. It utilizes factory geometry and mounting points. Large bodies, anti-cavitation valves, large oil volumes, high pressures, customized valving/tuning.


No welding required! Some trimming and drilling is required or recommended for certain applications. Similar kits require a 15+ install time. The Evictus kit is simple to install and can generally be completed in under one day.


MSRP: $10915 parts investment. Invest in premium materials to protect your adventure van.

3 - Year / 50,000 mile warranty

Maintenance and rebuild kit included in the purchase of the suspension kit. We offer options for field service or shop rebuild. Use the factory shocks as temporary options in the event of equipment failure or during rebuild/repair.


Rent from Warner Van Rentals to experience for yourself. 

Choose from of our Sprinters equipped with the Evictus system.


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