At Evictus, we understand that to get the best driving experience possible, a reliable suspension system and components are paramount. Our parts are designed and crafted precisely for even the most rugged conditions – from dirt tracks to rocky paths. Our commitment to quality ensures you’re getting top-notch performance with unmatched safety and control for a smooth ride.

What Is

Evictus exists to provide critical van components to its customers and partners. We work with select manufacturers to develop drivetrain components like bolt-on suspension kits, transmission coolers, limited slip and locking differentials, extended range fuel tanks, and more.

As Utah natives, we understand the importance of safety, traction, and stability. Our products improve maneuverability and stability to avoid accidents and enhance the driving experience.

We’re committed to ensuring that our parts do not negatively affect the longevity, safety, or performance of vans. Our installation center works closely with each van owner to enhance the performance and safe operation of each van.



Developed as part of the Warner Van Center, Evictus is at the hub of everything van related. Partnering with Warner Vans, our premiere installer for our products, and the Mercedes-Benz Warner Van Center, for any additional servicing or van purchases, we are the one stop shop for everything your Sprinter van needs. 


Working with some of the best manufacturers in the industry, Evictus is your go to distributor for premiere products from top-of-the-line suspension upgrades, to extended fuel tanks, differentials and more. We are searching for more dealers and installers for these products. Reach out through our contact page if your business is interested in learning more.